Does your label need more space for all the necessary info?
Eurotickets has the right idea for you: multipages booklet.

A paper folded sheet, printed front and back, is inserted inside an adhesive label. Base label must be in PP and it can be white or clear, printed or not.

The front side is laminated with a clear light film, to guarantee protection and durability and to have the possibility to open and reclose the booklet.

That is really a good simple idea to get info, instructions for use, guarantees, technical info, translations in different languages, recipes and so much more.

Multipages booklets guarantee more printed space even in the surface of a single label.

It is also possible to have a tear hatching inside the sheet, in this way, a booklet can be used even for discounts, promotions or lottery.

Multipages booklets are also a brand new idea for food industry: they can be used to show different products of the same line, to print important nutritional info, or to suggest recipes and suggestions on how to prepare the product.

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